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water based timber floor finishes

Water Based Finished Flooring provides a beautiful clear finish and have a very low odour. This means less smell that hangs around and moving back in quicker, which is what you want when getting your timber floors beautified!

Doncaster Floors offers both water based and oil based poly which offer superior protection against wear and tear, which means great-looking floors for years, with minimum repair or maintenance overhead.

Why is water-based finish a better choice?

The biggest difference between the water-based and oil-based finish is the end appearance. If you love the natural look of maple, we recommend to apply a water-based polyurethane, which does appear milky in the can, but applies on clear and remains clear. They’ll slightly accent the character of your wood without giving it the amber tint of an oil-based poly.

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Since these finishes act as a shield against environmental factors and heavy footfall, we at Doncaster Floors use only premium German sealant products to prolong your investment. For exceptional water based timber flooring, we are the trusted experts with decades of experience in application and maintenance of timber floors.

Water based finish looks great and go gentle on the environment. With less odour and maximum results, this method has become common in today’s age, across the country and the globe.

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