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Timber Floor Colouring

If you wish to add a touch of luxury to the floor of your home, shop or hotel, then we have the perfect solution for you, that you will love. Get your timber floor stained with timber floor colouring. Whenever there is a renovation taking place in Melbourne, and the homeowner wishes for a newer look, their first choice is to get their timber floor stained.

There are many types of timber stains such as shellac or varnish which are made for both interior and exterior use. The best thing about this timber finish is that they add a shine to the surface, but they also enhance the grain and the wood pattern of your floor. Moreover, these stains tend to preserve your timber from any decay or other wood related problems.

Timber Colouring Expert in Melbourne

We at Doncaster Floors specialise in timber colouring in Melbourne. Our stains are preferred by all because they are based on a unique fast-drying formula that allows the finish to dry up quickly along with saving your time. The stain we use allows full clarity so your timber grain will show and that too in bit enhanced way, allowing you to appreciate your decision more!

Your floor will attain a deep, rich colour that can be colour matched to your requirements. So if you like a brighter room, you can go for a lighter shade, if your room is already well lit then you can contrast the floor by giving it a darker shade. We have all shades of stains available with us; it’s up to you how you would like to see your floor every day. Once the staining product is done we finish it with a water or solvent based solution due to which we ensure a durable, beautiful floor timber stain.

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