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Liming White Wash

Liming White Floor Finish can be applied to your timber floors to give them a ‘soft milky white colour’ and provide protection against wear and tear. It’s a combination of a traditional lime stain and clear polyurethane that adds rich colour whilst keeping the grain pattern of timber visible.

Lime Wash Floors Melbourne

As the formula is water based, Liming White Floor Finish will not yellow over time, and you can complete your project in a single day with minimum clutter.

Hire the experts

When you hire our experts, you have an assurance of a job done well.

Doncaster Floors is a timber floor specialist that can apply liming white floor finish to your timber floors to the highest quality standard, letting your home interiors stand out in the entire neighbourhood. This finish can be used in both single and multiple coats according to the degree of opacity required.

Liming Flooring & White Wash Doncaster

Doncaster Floors recommends and uses only top-quality products so that your lime wash floors shine better and easily endure wear and tear for years to come. In case you have budget constraints, we can proceed accordingly to give you the best value for money.

One-size-fit-all solution

Liming white wash finish not only enhances the appearance of your floors but also helps fill cracks, holes and mask other imperfections. However, that would require a different procedure, but you can rest assured it will be all covered under the standard application package.

Low maintenance

With lime wash floors, the maintenance and overheads are bare minimum. Once your floors are coated with lime wash, it can go unharmed by everyday footfall for a long time. Spending less on floor maintenance means you can devote your budget to other important purchases for your home.

If you want durable lime wash floors for your home at a nominal price, hire our experienced team today. Call us to book an appointment or get a free price quote based on a quick assessment of your floors.

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