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Liming White Wash

Liming White Floor Finish can be applied to your timber floors to give them a ‘soft milky white colour’ and provide protection against wear and tear. A combination of a traditional lime stain and clear polyurethane adds rich colour whilst keeping the grain pattern of timber visible.

Lime Wash Floors Melbourne

As the formula is water-based, Liming White Floor Finish will not yellow over time, and you can complete your project in a single day with minimum clutter.

Hire the experts

When you hire our experts, you have an assurance of a job done well.

Doncaster Floors is a timber floor specialist that can apply liming white floor finish to your timber floors to the highest quality standard, letting your home interiors stand out in the entire neighbourhood. This finish can be used in both single and multiple coats according to the degree of opacity required.

Liming Flooring & White Wash Doncaster

Doncaster Floors recommends and uses only top-quality products so that your lime wash floors shine better and easily endure wear and tear for years to come. In case you have budget constraints, we can proceed accordingly to give you the best value for money.

One-size-fit-all solution

Liming whitewash finish not only enhances the appearance of your floors but also helps fill cracks, holes and mask other imperfections. However, that would require a different procedure, but you can rest assured it will be all covered under the standard application package.

Low maintenance

With lime wash floors, the maintenance and overheads are the bare minimum. Once your floors are coated with limewash, they can go unharmed by everyday footfall for a long time. Spending less on floor maintenance means you can devote your budget to other important purchases for your home.

If you want durable lime wash floors for your home at a nominal price, hire our experienced team today. Call us to book an appointment or get a free price quote based on a quick assessment of your floors.

Liming Timber Floors Melbourne 

Limewash wooden floors are sleek, elegant and rustic looking floors. They are popular due to their creamy white colour. Limewashing or whitewashing provides a creamy white texture to your floors. It beautifies your commercial places and residence too. Due to its simple dramatic effect, it has become a favourite of homeowners. If you require traditional flooring, limewashing is the best option. 

Lime washing applies a mixture of calcium hydroxide and chalks on the wooden floor to get the soft bleached effect. The water-based lime washing would not make your floor appear yellow after some time. It happens only if you apply oil-based or solvent-based coatings. The patterns and textures that appear on the lime washed wooden floor give your floor a classic look. They bring out every detail of your wooden floors. 

If you are looking for affordable and professional flooring services to revive your timber floors, Doncaster Floors is the right choice. We provide outstanding lime wash floors and finishes.

Whitewashing Timber Floors Melbourne  

Whitewashing or liming the timber floors is another way to augment the interiors of your homes and commercial spaces. Whitewashing gives your floor a creamy white finish that further accentuates the decor of the room by adding more light to it. They augment the brightness of the area and are perfect for rooms that have poor lighting. 

Whitewashing protects your floor from further wear and tear, and when the water-based coating is applied, it further enhances its looks. Many think that such floorings get dirty very easily. However, such types of flooring look gorgeous and are easy to maintain.

 So if you are interested in giving your floor a royal makeover, call us for a free quote. We at Doncaster Floors will help you achieve any desired whitening effect for your timber floors.

Limewash floorboards 

Limewashing is a perfect treatment for maintaining your timber floors. It also enhances the look of the floor. Bleached floors arguably give your interiors a glamorous look. 

The expert professionals at Doncaster Floors provide lime washing of timber floors. To start with, the floor should be sanded and prepared for whitewashing. They begin with checking the wood sample and finding out if it is perfect for lime washing. Then they would prepare your existing floor by sanding and repairing any cracks and removing the old finish. They then apply the high-quality lime washing finish to your floor. More than one coat is applied for better results. All the materials and equipment we use for lime washing are of high quality. It ensures that the product lasts longer. Finally, a clear finish is added to get a milky white finish that is without a yellow tint.

Why Choose Us for Liming White Wash?

Doncaster Floors is a fully certified flooring service and has vast experience in sanding, floor staining, Floor restoring, and maintaining floorboards. Being experts in lime washing timber floors, we understand the nuances and work towards accomplishing the given task without any compromise on the quality. We have successfully completed many commercial and residential projects, which have enhanced our knowledge and expertise in several flooring solutions.

To achieve lime wash floor finishing is a complex task, but our technicians are industry experts, and they have solutions and strategies that provide the best lime wash. In the last few years, the multitude of projects we have completed has created a positive reputation for us. We are the most preferred company, and our services are unmatched. 

All our professionals are skilled, fully trained and equipped with the best material and technologies. Contact us to get a free quote to know more about our competitive prices.

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