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Looking to give your home a new look? Thinking about selling and want to give the house a little bit more wow? Or have a rental that you are looking to sell? We can help you! We are experts in timber floor restoration & re coating. Our floor restoration services in Doncaster are highly recommended for homeowners who want to add immense value to their property for a modest price.

The term re-coating is used when the floor is thoroughly cleaned then followed by slightly sanding the existing coat & a fresh application of a new layer of protective coating is applied to give you brand new looking floors. We recommend applying 2 coats for a better bond for this system.

Re-coating the floors does not involve sanding the timber to its original condition but it does involve just a light fine sand of the existing coat to remove any light abrasions or imperfections.

Doncaster Floors uses a belt sanding method which provides a continuous and flawless end result sand. We at Doncaster floors only use premium quality solvent and water based sealant coatings which assure you of an absolute amazing end result, giving you a lifetime of happiness and compliments.

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With 25 Years experience, you can rest assured that we will give you the best result possible. Unsure on what exactly you need? Give us a call for a free competitive no obligation quote for your timber floor restoration in Melbourne today.

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