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Floor Polishing

Time and again, a great many people across the board end up falling into the trap of hiring mediocre services who are simply not up to the mark due to the fact that they have not done their homework thoroughly. With Doncaster Floors, you can say goodbye to all of your fears for good as we have some of the most hardworking professionals in the market of today in our team. That itself should assure you of the fact that the moment you contact us, we mean business in every sense of the word.

Since our prime focus is on the floors of your house, we have a wide and extensive plethora of services to offer to you all across every neighbourhood in Doncaster. With 25 years of service, you will only get the best of the best. Here are the main services that we provide

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The term re-coating is used when the floor is thoroughly cleaned then followed by slightly sanding the existing coat & a fresh application protective coating is applied.


Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials. A variety of floor materials can be sanded.


Water-based polyurethanes provide a clear finish and have low odor. This means less smell and moving back in quicker!


Solvent based polyurethane coatings have a longer durability finish and require minimal maintenance. The coatings can be a full gloss, semi gloss or a satin finish.


Doncaster floors specialise in timber floor colouring, it is unique based fast drying & spirit based stain that allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining.


Liming White Floor Finish combines a traditional lime stain with a professional clear polyurethane for one-step ‘soft milky white colour’ and durable protection for interior timber floors.